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Taxi Licence Renewal

Published: 26th February 2016 at 15:33:55

Taxi Licence Renewal

Because taxi driver had been convicted of two Road Traffic Act offences which had attracted 8 penalty points the Council were not satisfied that the applicant was a fit and proper person to hold such a licence.  This was despite the applicant working without restrictions for the 12 month period following convictions and prior to renewal.


It was successfully argued that in the particular circumstances of the case the applicant was a fit and proper person on the balance of probabilities.  The convictions resulted from the same incident, there had been no repeat offending behaviour.  Whilst it had to be conceded that the offences were avoidable, the applicant had done everything possible to ensure that no risk of the same circumstances which led to the convictions would arise again.  The commission were therefore persuaded to renew the licence for the full three year period without restrictions.