For cases that are not eligible for Legal Aid and you wish to pay privately, the following is a list of our fixed fees:

1. For each routine court hearing £300 + VAT
2. Half day trials (including Special Reason Argument) £800 + VAT
3. Full day trial (including Special Reason Argument) and any subsequent day £1600 + VAT
4. For Points problems, Totting, Speeding, Exceptional Hardship Arguments, Mitigation to avoid disqualification including all preparation £500 - £750 + VAT
5. For Crown Court cases an estimate must be obtained. Fees are rarely less than £1000 unless simple guilty plea. It is best to anticipate £2000 - £3000 for a one day trial including preparation.

6. NB Defendants Costs Order

If you are successful in the case not being proved against you at the discretion of the court you may obtain a Defendants Costs Order. This entitles you to the costs incurred by the Defence to be paid out of Central Funds. To the extent that the costs recovered do not fully recompense us we will look to you for the balance. We can only recover the amount that would be paid to you at Legal Aid rates - and this may lead you to having to pay for the bulk of your representation.

It is essential you return a signed copy of our Terms of Business document as this sets out the basis on which we are to be paid. This could improve your chances of recovering costs at the end of a successful trial.

7. Advice

We offer a free initial assessment for ½ hour in person, on the phone or by email.