Criminal Law


  • DO NOT carry out a Voluntary Interview - at home or at the police station - without us being present. Remember we are free of any cost to you at home or in the police station.
  • Arrested and taken to a police station?
  • Due in court and unsure of the procedure?
  • At risk of imprisonment?

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  • Has legal aid been refused?
  • Is your driving licence at risk?
  • Drink driving?
  • Are you unsure how to deal with a trial following a not guilty plea?

... PHONE US 24/7  - WE'LL BE THERE!

We offer competitive fixed fees in the Magistrates' Court for all types of hearing.

We use the best Barristers and QCs in the South West.

The Criminal Department comprises:

  • 1 Duty Solicitor
  • 1 Assistant Solicitor

Chris Nicholls, our Higher Court Advocate, can take your case through the Crown Court if you require, ensuring continuity and a thorough understanding of your case.

Phone us first to find out your rights!

All our work at the police station is free!

24 hour service: 07778 496 058

  • All courts covered
  • Bail Applications
  • Appeals against Conviction & Sentence
  • No case too big or too small

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Bodmin - 01208 76969

What we do:

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